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Beijing has magnificent monuments and peaceful parks. At its heart is the world’s largest square - Tiananmen, surrounded by important museums and the amazing Forbidden City. This 15th-century, walled complex of palaces neighbours Jingshan Park and Beihai Park. Opposite Tiananmen Square is the ultra-modern National Centre for Perfoming Arts. To its east is the UNESCO World-Heritage listed Summer Palace, a lakeside retreat of emperors, while also UNESCO listed is the grand Temple of Heaven in Chongwen district. The most popular Beijing shopping street is Wangfujing, and other must-see sights include the giant pandas at Beijing Zoo and the Great Wall of China.

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Shanghai houses Shanghai Pudong International Airport, while Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is over the Huangpu River in the Puxi district. An area of older and less dominating buildings, Puxi features the elegant Bund area whose varied architecture includes a surprising array of Art Deco. With a choice of shopping centers and small shops beneath brightly lit neon signs just like Chinatowns across the world, Shanghai shopping is fantastic. Other must-see Shanghai attractions include the wonderful Shanghai Museum and the Jade Buddha Temple, the Yuyuan Gardens, the beach and peaceful Zhujiajiao Water Town in the west.

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Guangzhou is the birthplace of the most popular types of Chinese cuisine such as iconic wonton soup and dim-sum. It has an impressive skyline, some of the oldest temples in the country and busy markets with everything from tea to hi-tech electronics. Here you can then admire the traditional Cantonese architecture of Xiguan Residence. The Liurong Temple is an absolute must-see, dating back to the 6th century. There are also plenty of theme parks, relaxing rolling hills and mountains in this city.

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Hong Kong

Delectable dim sum, floating islands, and a one-of-a-kind skyline are just some of Hong Kong’s unique features. Get an eyeful of traditional Chinese architecture in Ngong Ping village, then take the tram to the tippity-top of Victoria Peak for unparalleled views. The rocks and gentle hills of Nan Lian Garden will bring you inner peace, as will a calming cup of tea in a Stanley cafe. Become one with everything at the Chi Lin Nunnery, a serene Buddhist complex.

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Located in the south of China, the cityscape -Shenzhen - is home to some of the most modern buildings worldwide. Although this area is largely industrial, it offers many tourist attractions, such as the Chinese folk Culture Village, Safari Park, and beach resorts. Perhaps one of the most frequented tourist attractions is Window of the World, which offers replicas of the Eiffel tower, the pyramids, and Taj Mahal.

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Today the walls of the Ming dynasty and the Tang palace walls hint at the Xi’an’s glorious past. Stare in awe at the Terracotta Army, 7,000 terracotta statues of Qin Bingmayong Bowuguan warriors and soldiers. Dating from 210 BCE, they were discovered in 1974 and are still being excavated. Don't miss the Shaanxi History Museum or a chance to heat up at former imperial bathing spot, Huaqing Hot Springs.

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Deep in the spectacular Himalayan Mountains, Lhasa is a jewel of a destination. Potala Palace, the former residence of the Dalai Lama, is a major attraction, but you’ll also find numerous important temples and even the world’s highest brewery.

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Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the four prefecture-level cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China. The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination. The city has become known as "China's Florida", drawing a large number of retirees from Northeast China during winter.

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